The emergence of electric bikes has made traveling easy and hassle-free for many people from different walks of life. From school students to housewives, everyone can enjoy the perks of this incredible invention. Riding an e-bike can be exciting too. If you are the one who wants to how to ride an electric bike, you have landed on the right page. Not just this, we will also tell you about how e-bike functions. So, brace yourself up for loads of information about electric bikes.

How does an E-bike work? 

Apparently, the electric bike seems to be working in an identical way as regular bicycles. However, it is not the case. If you are riding an electric bike for the first time, you must know its working mechanism to yield the best results. In brief, an electric bike works in two main modes. Let's get into them one by one.

1. Normal bicycle mode

You are likely to ride an electric bike the same way as you pedal a bicycle on this mode. The motor and battery stay off, and the bike's functioning depends totally upon how you pedal it. However, you can connect the battery to monitor the speed on the speedometer.

2. Pedal Assist mode

Pedal-assist mode means when you pedal, the motor activates and provides energy to move the electric bike. This means that you don't need to pedal continuously as in standard bicycles, thereby requiring you to apply relatively less force on the pedal. The motor installed in the electric bike senses the force used on the pedal through the torque sensor and responds accordingly. So, if you apply more force, the bike will run faster and longer. The motor in the electric can be configured too. It incorporates five levels from one to five. The battery status and level will be visible on the screen. For example, when the screen shows level 1, the motor will give you minimum power when pedal. On the contrary, at level 5, you will get the maximum power from the motor when riding a bike.

3. Full throttle

 Another way to ride an e-bike is in full throttle mode. With throttle mode turned on, you don't need to worry about pedaling or motor configuration as this only works in pedal-assist mode. The throttle mode can be enabled by pressing a button. Throttle mode can help you ride at fast speeds and up steep slopes.

How to ride an Electric bike- everything you should know!

Electric bikes are no less than a blessing for people looking for energy-efficient conveyance. Plus, it is also environmentally friendly. Have you ever tried riding an electric bike? If not, you are missing a fun part. However, the experience of riding an electric bike can only be exciting and safe when you ride it carefully with all precautions in mind. Otherwise, it may result in damage bike's equipment or pose a threat to your life. So, if you are in a quest to know how to ride an e-bike safely, keep the following tips in hand. 

Inspect the bike thoroughly

Inspecting the bike before you set it up for a ride is the first thing. You must examine the condition of the bike, including its parts, such as tires, chain, pedal, etc. Plus, if you are riding it first, make sure you know how to apply brakes and their relative power, configure settings in the assistance mode, or any other important thing from an expert or experienced user. Also check the battery how to charge and speedometer how fast electric bike go.

Ride at slow speed

Speed thrill but kills. Electric bikes are no exception. So, you have to ride at the speed which is under your control. Moreover, it is highly recommended to keep the pace of the bike at a low speed in the beginning. This means that you have to keep the pedal assistance at level one or a maximum of two to avoid any risk. Last but not least, you should also frequently monitor your speed at the speedometer.

Avoid assistance mode when on a rough surface.

It is ideal to start the bike in an open and flat area. However, if you are in a hilly area or rough surface, it is best to begin manually without enabling assistance mode. So, pedal a few times and when you become stable and steady, call out for an electric assist.

Be cautious in a rush and around cars.

Though electric bikes look like normal bicycles, their speed is different. Moreover, car drivers and pedestrians also do not pay heed to the electric bikes around them. In addition, they have the same expectation from electric bike riders as they have from the cyclist. So, there are high chances that they miscalculate your speed. Thus, you have to be vigilant in traffic.

Apply brake earlier and gently

Experts suggest applying brake well ahead of the destination, signal, and crossing to be on the safe side. The same approach is recommended for speed breakers. In addition to this, you must apply brakes gently to reduce the impact of inertia

Other essential measures when riding an e-bike

  • Make yourself visible with quality lights installed on the e-bike
  • Be careful on trails
  • Be more alert in rush hours
  • Pay attention to kids on the road
  • Drive slow in residential areas


E-bikes are one of the easy and cost-effective modes of transport. Plus, they also help the environment. However, you must know how to ride an electric bike before kick-starting your journey on this amazing technology.

In addition to this, you should understand the working of the electric bike to deal with unexpected situations. Thus, we have covered all these aspects to educate you about how to ride an e-bike.

So, you can have the best and safe ride on an electric bike. To summarize, safety measures should not be undermined when riding an electric bike because this is the only way to enjoy electric bikes to the fullest.